The Snowman Cookie

It was a crisp New York day, as two sisters fled their toasty hotel room, a rush of cold air filled their cheeks, scarfs wrapped and jackets on – it still didn’t feel like enough!

After a day spent walking 5th avenue, Central Park and roaming Times Square they decided to slow down on their way back and get some tea, a craft we noticed Americans had struggled to pick up!
(Sorry, but how hard is hot water before the tea bag?)

As we stopped at “just another” Starbucks, but also a brand that was a luxury for two girls from Perth, my sister noticed a snowman cookie;
seeing as we had already had sweets that day she said she shouldn’t and dismissed it from her order.
She kept peering in the glass case at the last snowman cookie, the same way we were looking at the diamond collection in Tiffany’s earlier that day.

“Just get the cookie” – I said. “Oh, it looks so good how the icing is so smooth…no I won’t!”.
We left Starbucks with her still talking about it; and when returning to the many Starbucks we would see, we didn’t see it again!

Until this day she still talks about the Snowman cookie she wished she bought in New York. – just a funny story! but should tell you, to live in the moment because
what you want isn’t always there when you go back!

Luckily I lived just a hop, skip and a jump away from Gelson’s in L.A, and they too sold similar cookies and she was all over that come Thanksgiving!

These cookies always looked great to me, but when I did try them they tasted a little plastic and too processed, especially the icing ….so I made my own Sugar Cookies …Vegan Friendly- of course!

Sugar/Shortbread Cookie Recipe:

190-250 grams Dairy Free Butter – I use Nuttelex (I add more as I go, as needed)
2 Cups Flour
1/2 cup Caster Sugar (I know some vegans aren’t happy with the use of white sugar-most sugars should suit)

Almond meal (optional) -replace 1/2-1 cup flour with almond meal
Vanilla Extract (optional)

Pre heat oven to 170 FF
Mix with hands to shape dough, when it’s at the right consistency – roll out and cut to desired shape – place on cooking tray.
Cook for 12-25 minutes or until golden, I like to avoid them going too hard or crunchy.

Icing sugar ….make baking paper piping bag for decorating 
and without being facetious to my American friends…

How to make Tea:
Boil water, preferably in a kettle
Add tea bag to cup/mug and pour, or place teabag or tea leaves in a teapot
Leave bag or leaves to brew for 2-5 minutes (depending if you like it strong)
Milk before or after is your call (Fun Fact: they say back in the day people who put milk in first meant their class level was on the lower spectrum, as they were wary not to shock their cheap tea cups with hot water to avoid cracks)

but for vegans I’ve only found soy or oat milk sits in tea right, but I prefer mine black.

Love and red cups ☃🍪,


photo credit:






Michaela Hiley 


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