Cruelty Free Christmas Cake

Vegan Christmas Cake

My Christmas cake is a lighter, cinnamonny, fruitier version of the traditional fruit cake.

Most people use sultanas as their fruit base with a few cherries, I focus more on cherries.

I use more cinnamon and nutmeg, rather than mixed spice and added some coconut and almond meal to lighten the flavour.

For Pre Soaking:

2-3 bags of glace cherries

ΒΌ – Β½ cup sultanas and/or mixed dry fruit

Freshly squeezed Orange juice

Sweet Sherry

For the Cake:

1 cup plain Flour

ΒΌ cup coconut flour

ΒΌ cup almond meal (I used a flax, Coq10, almond meal mix w/ walnut pieces)

Β½ teaspoon sea salt

ΒΌ teaspoon nutmeg

1 teaspoon cinnamon or to taste

dash of mixed spice

3/4 cup coconut and/or rapadura sugar

Β½ cup dark brown soft sugar

4 egg replacers or flax eggs  (I use Orgran egg replacer)

1 dessert spoon black treacle

1 teaspoon golden syrup

Splash of vanilla essence

270 grams dairy free butter (i use nuttelex)

1 tablespoon coconut oil

ΒΌ-1 cup slivered almonds

zest of an orange

sprinkle of cinnamon sugar

Sweet Sherry to β€˜feed’ the cake

ready to bake

Put cherries and fruit in orange juice to soak

Add Sweet Sherry and leave to soak ( the longer you soak the better, minimum 2 hours)

Preheat the oven at 140

Mix all dry ingredients together

Add wet ingredients with the vegan egg going in last- mix all wet ingredients, without the β€˜egg’ first and then add β€˜egg’

Now gradually fold in pre soaked fruits, nuts, zests (drain pre soaking before folding into cake)

Put cake mix into tin and bake the cake on the lowest shelf for 4 hours

Let the cake stand and when cool, β€˜feed’ the cake with letting it absorb some sherry

You can now β€˜feed’ it at odd times until it needs icing or ready to eat it


For the Icing:

Marmalade, heated to brush on the cake for marzipan to stick

Marzipan, rolled out to cover cake

1 Β½ cups Icing Sugar

Squeeze of lemon

Egg replacer equivalent to 1 egg white

May need a little bit of water or dairy free milk to smooth it out

Fastasia, Disney


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