Hi! I’m Michaela.

Luxury Vegan Style is my style of living, it’s a blog to help transition or add a cruelty free diet/lifestyle. Recipes and tips for all vegans and those who want to incorporate it into their life. I consider myself a practical vegan. I believe in finding what works for you in this lifestyle and then growing as you learn more along the way. If everyone incorporated something from being vegan into their life, rather when giving it all up immediately there will be a more sustainable change for the environment, animals and world.
 Changing to a cruelty free lifestyle doesn’t mean sacrifice or deprivation, just a new perspective on how to live.
Insta: @luxuryvegan

Currently based: Perth town 💃

Previously:Bondi, NSW🌊 Melbourne, Australia☔️
, Los Angeles, California🌴 ✈️
Home🏡: Perth, Western Australia